Minutes for August

Siouxland Freedom Park Minutes from Thursday August 14th Meeting
Present: Eric Burgness, Larry Brostad, Russ Rasmussen, Mike Weaver, Dave Rasmussen, Jeff Finken, Chan Follen, Dan Caskey, and Fidell Wadsworth

The minutes from the previous SFP meeting were read.

Going over the stated goals Chan advised that she would attempt to get in touch with the Webmaster in reference to getting updates to the Freedom Park Website.

Signage was also discussed. We are waiting to get permission from the state to get the signage on Dakota Avenue as that street is also a state highway. Additionally, signage at the Sergeant Floyd Monument is being suggested. Brian Miller is trying to help out with this signage. Eric Burgness is going to talk to Brian about that proposal.

2 bids were presented for the cement work for the first stage of the Freedom Lot Parking Lot. The bids came from Mahr Construction and HCI Construction. A vote was taking and it was agreed that the work would go to HCI Construction.

A storm flag will be purchased for the SFP flagpole. Larry will look into the prices and will make the purchase of the storm flag. A storm flag is a smaller and more lightweight flag that can be used when sustained heavy rain and wind are forecasted. A Flag Raising and Lowering Committee has been established and a calling tree list of contacts in being held by Mike Newhouse.

Fidell agreed to draft a letter to the City of South Sioux City, thanking them for all the work in establishing and maintaining the Park.

A needed replacement of a LED light is in the works. It is agreed in the future that small maintenance needs will take place without having to go through a committee approval.

Wi-Fi is down at the park. The City of South Sioux City is working that issue.

Scott Smith was elected as a member of the SFP Steering Committee. Thanks Scott and WELCOME! Scott is going to check on a price reduction for tubes of SL1, self-leveling caulk, as he knows some folks from Concrete Products. The plan is to start sealing the sidewalk cracks near the wall as soon as possible.

Looking to the future, we all agree that some type of event should occur at The Wall during all Veterans Type holidays such as Memorial Day, 4th of July, Veteran’s Day, etc. Possible fireworks and a band for next 4th of July.

We also need to start thinking of getting work done on the base of the flag pole.

Goals: Start concrete work on parking lot. Work on the base of the Flag Pole. Get signage and seal any cracks near wall. Update website.

Next meeting proposed for Thursday September 4th, at the South Sioux City Legion.

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