Siouxland Freedom Park Minutes from Thursday Nov 6, 2014

The minutes from the previous SFP meeting were read.

Veterans day Celebration:
On Friday before- middle school at 9-9:30
Monday at Covington 9:45
SFP on the 11th at 11:00 am

Parking lot concrete is in and waiting for the street lights and Handicapped signs to be put up.

There is a place in Sidney, Ne. that makes flag that the wind will pass through, they last about 2/3 longer than the original.

We will fly the storm flag for the winter. It is a 40’ X 20’ flag.

Wendal Kray will build the donation box and it will be placed on the sidewalk side of the wall.

Wi Fi is up and running at the wall. It will only access and Vietnam Veterans of American (

Next meeting Dec 4, 2014 at S. Sioux City’s legion at 5:30

Meeting Adjourned

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