Korean War Memorial
no longer the forgotten war

The Korean War Veterans Memorial

Siouxland Freedom Park proudly hosts a Korean War Veterans Memorial, unveiled in October 2023.

Complementing the Vietnam Veterans Memorial already present, the addition of a Korean War Memorial fills a crucial gap, ensuring recognition for those who served in what’s often dubbed the “forgotten war.” It provides a space for veterans and the public alike to reflect, heal, and honor the sacrifices made.

Crafted by Dan Lee and his team at Port Neal Welding Company, the Korean War Soldiers stand as a poignant tribute. Nineteen life-size, 2-D stainless-steel figures march in platoon formation, each bearing unique features, reminiscent of the soldiers who once tread the rice paddies of Korea.

Especially poignant under the night sky, the memorial comes alive with illumination courtesy of Thompson Solutions. Each soldier bathed in light, the scene evokes a deep sense of place and amplifies the gravity of the soldiers’ struggles.

In Siouxland Freedom Park, the Korean War, often overshadowed, finds a lasting place in memory and reverence, ensuring it will never fade into obscurity.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Siouxland Freedom Park, a nonprofit corporation, honors American Veterans and the men and women currently serving the United States by providing education of the role the American military plays in preserving American’s freedom, oral histories of those who served, and a healing place for reflection and contemplation.

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