Korean War Memorial
no longer the forgotten war

The Korean War Veterans Memorial

The vision

The statue on the left is an example of what the dozen or more statues will look like at Siouxland Freedom Park.  The statue on the right may be found in Washington, D.C. Please note: The above picture on this page was taken at the memorial in D.C.

Siouxland Freedom Park will one day be home to a Korean War Veterans Memorial like the one in Washington, D.C.

Volunteers with the park have been working with Port Neal Welding Company to provide close replicas of a group of statues in Washington.

While the project has begun, we need your help with completion.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Siouxland Freedom Park, a nonprofit corporation, honors American Veterans and the men and women currently serving the United States by providing education of the role the American military plays in preserving American’s freedom, oral histories of those who served, and a healing place for reflection and contemplation.