Will You?


At Siouxland Freedom Park we want to give you the opportunity to give on behalf of a veteran, a group of veterans and/or a current member of the military.

We recognize the passion so many of us feel for veterans and if you give to Siouxland Freedom Park, we will help you honor that special veteran, if you so choose.


If you give or have given to Siouxland Freedom Park in the past at any level, please use the form below to give in honor of that special veteran dear to your heart.

We will recognize the veteran on our social media accounts and perhaps other places in the future.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Siouxland Freedom Park, a nonprofit corporation, honors American Veterans and the men and women currently serving the United States by providing education of the role the American military plays in preserving American’s freedom, oral histories of those who served, and a healing place for reflection and contemplation.

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