Vietnam Veterans Memorial
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an exact half-scale replica

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

A half-scale replica, 250-foot granite wall, engraved with the names of 58,272 fallen service members from the Vietnam War.

It duplicates the original wall design found in Washington, D.C., even using the same quarry found in India for the granite.

The wall is impressive and breathtaking, yet a bleak reminder of the sacrifices made by many.  99 of the names on the wall are those from the Siouxland area, where the park is located.

To see this wall for yourself, you’ll see and read the names and beyond those names you’ll see the reflection of yourself.  Those names represent (along with countless others) the true price paid for your freedom and our freedom in these United States of America.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Siouxland Freedom Park, a nonprofit corporation, honors American Veterans and the men and women currently serving the United States by providing education of the role the American military plays in preserving American’s freedom, oral histories of those who served, and a healing place for reflection and contemplation.

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